Burn Fat by Running

How to Burn Fat by Running
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How to Burn Fat by Running Are you carrying a few extra pounds of fat that youd like to lose? Many people are and want to shed it in the healthiest way. Running is an excellent and healthy way to burn calories fat and lose weight. 1 X Expert Source Shira Tsvi Personal Trainer andamp. Fitness Instructor Expert Interview. 7 January 2020. But you might be new to running and unsure of how best to burn fat. By running distances and adding elements such as intervals and hills you can burn fat and gradually shed pounds. Develop a running plan. No matter if youre a beginner or experienced runner if you want to burn fat by running its a good idea to have a plan how youll accomplish the goal. It doesnt matter if you run fast or slow just that you are running. You will likely get faster the longer you stick to your program.Warm up before runs. Starting out a run too quickly is a recipe for injury or getting yourself into a pace that is too fast or you cant sustain. Gradually easing into your run with a gentle warm up can prevent injury and help you run longer.Go the distance. Once youve started your run stick to your plan of running a specific time or distance. A good rule of thumb to get you through any run is you can always run too fast but you can never run too slow. Keeping this in mind can help you stay at your pace and focus on getting done.Maintain a steady pace. Youre most likely to burn fat when you run slowly at a steady pace. You can always add elements such as intervals or hills to boost fat burning but keeping it slow during most of your runs will help you burn fat over time and keep it off.Keep yourself hydrated. Having enough water to drink is an important part of staying healthy but it can also boost your ability to run for longer. This is especially true in hot weather. Taking some water with you on a run can keep you hydrated and may help you go the distance.Cool down. Just as a warm up and quality run are important to keeping yourself healthy while burning fat so is a good cool down. This can help shift your blood flow to resting patterns prevent dizziness and help your muscles recover. Stick to your plan but listen to your body. Its important to finish your runs and get in the number of runs you set every week. The frequency and intensity with which you run will help you burn fat. However if youre sick or feeling worn out consider a shorter run or even giving yourself a rest day. From here adjust your running schedule so that you can stick to your plan and continue burning fat. Be patient. Remember that sensible and healthy weight loss and fat burning takes time. In addition no one became a marathon runner overnight. Sticking to your plan and being patient with results can keep you from getting discouraged if you dont see the fat coming off in two weeks. As long as youre comfortable and making even small progress at your runs youre doing exactly what you need to burn fat.

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