Care for Silver Dollar Fish

How to Care for Silver Dollar Fish
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How to Care for Silver Dollar Fish The silver dollar fish is an herbivorous fish belonging to the Characidae family that is native to South American freshwater rivers. 1 X Research source These fish are frequently selected for aquariums because they are visually appealing and easy to care for. Learning how to feed and house your silver dollar fish will help improve the chances that it will live a long and healthy life in your home aquarium. Choose the right tank size. One of the biggest factors in a fishs survival and wellbeing is the environment it lives in. Housing your silver dollar fish in a small cramped tank can be very uncomfortable for your pet and if you have more than one fish in the tank they may begin to compete for resources.Decide whether to provide aquatic plants. Silver dollar fish tend to uproot and eat live aquarium plants which may deter some aquarium enthusiasts from providing plants. However having plants even if they are artificial is generally considered preferable.Add hiding places to your tank. Fish may become frightened or overwhelmed from time to time so it is important to provide them with places to escape from whatever has frightened them. This is particularly important if you plan on housing more than one fish in the same tank.Feed your fish a healthy diet. Silver dollar fish need a diet high in plants and vegetables. Commercial Spirulina based foods and vegetable based freeze dried/flake foods are ideal. You can also feed your fish certain live foods including brine shrimp bloodworms and glass worms.Give your fish playmates. Because silver dollar fish naturally swim in schools it is best to keep your fish in a shared tank with other community tank fish including other silver dollar fish. Just be sure any fish you add to the tank are known to be friendly and peaceful.Watch for health problems. All pets are at risk of illness regardless of how well you care for them. Some fish breeds are more predisposed to health problems than others. Knowing what health problems silver dollar fish are prone to can help you keep an eye on your pets wellbeing.

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