Dispose of Old Laptops

How to Dispose of Old Laptops
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How to Dispose of Old Laptops Whether youre in need of an upgrade your laptop has completely broken or you have an old laptop gathering dust in a cupboard youll need to get rid of your laptop at some point. If youve been using a laptop for a while you will likely have precious files on the hard drive that you want to keep or keep other people from using. By wiping your hard drive and knowing a few different ways to safely get rid of it you can dispose of your laptop without having anything to worry about. Back up any data you want to keep. Any data left on the hard drive when you dispose of it will be lost forever if you dont back it up. Spend an hour or two looking through everything on your computer to see if there are any files that you need to save. Here are a few ways you can back up your dataDe authorize any registered programs. A lot of computer programs will have limits on the number of computers that they can be installed on with a single license. Check Microsoft Office iTunes Adobe Creative Suite and anything similar to deauthorize them on your old laptop.Destroy any sensitive files. Even though youll be completely wiping your hard drive its always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to bank statements tax documents or sensitive pictures you have saved. Find a program that will permanently delete your files rather than just sending them to the recycling bin and leaving traces behind.Delete your browser history. If youve been using the same web browser on your laptop for a while it likely will have saved a lot of your personal information passwords and maybe even bank details. You should wipe all of this information from your computer before disposing of it. Heres how to do it in a few different browsersUninstall all of your programs. Just like your internet browser many other programs will store your personal data to prevent you from having to type it in over and over again. Take a look through your programs to delete any that will store personal data or uninstall everything to be extra safe. Reset your computer and format your hard drive. Once youve made sure to save everything you want to keep and delete everything that you dont off of your laptop you should perform a system reset to completely wipe your hard drive. Doing a full factory reset and wiping your hard drive can be a difficult process so make sure you understand how to do so.Remove or destroy your hard drive if you cant use the computer. If youre disposing of a computer because it wont turn on you wont be able to easily see whats on the hard drive. In this instance you should remove the hard drive from the computer entirely. Here are a few ways to do so on different computers

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