Shave With an Electric Shaver

How to Shave With an Electric Shaver
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How to Shave With an Electric Shaver If youve never shaved with an electric shaver before youre understandably probably confused about how exactly it works. Shaving with an electric shaver is a lot faster but it definitely takes some getting used to. Weve put together this step by step guide to teach you what you should do what you shouldnt do and how to avoid irritation and those dreaded razor bumps. Before you know it youll be using an electric shaver like a pro. Choose the shaver that best fits your needs. Read mens forums or consult a grooming specialist like a barber who specializes in facial shaves to understand how your facial hair grows and the correct technique to approach the contours of your face. Everyones hair grows at a different rate and has a different texture so be aware of what features benefit you most.Wash your face. Warm water a hot shower or a warm face cloth will help soften your beard and thus make it easier to get a clean shave.Allow your face to adjust. It usually takes about 2 weeks to adjust to an electric shaver but during this time the oils from your shaver will blend with those of your face.Use an alcohol based pre shave. Alcohol based products will remove dirt and your skins natural oil sebum from your skin and make your facial hair stand straight up. A powder version can be used if you find alcohol to be an irritant.Find the grain of your facial hair. Rub the places where your facial hair grows and the direction that feels smooth is the direction thats with the grain. This other direction will give resistance when you rub it. This is against the grain.

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