Fight a Minor in Possession Charge

How to Fight a Minor in Possession Charge
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How to Fight a Minor in Possession Charge If you are underage you are not permitted to have any alcohol on your person in the United States. When a police officer catches you drinking or under the influence they likely will write you a citation for minor in possession. Although typically it is a misdemeanor that does not result in any jail time you still should take a minor in possession charge seriously. Not only will it remain as a smudge on your record but you also could end up losing your driving privileges for up to a year. Since there are few defenses to a minor in possession charge the best way to fight it typically is to hire an attorney and negotiate with the prosecutor for a deal. 1 X Research source 2 X Research source Check your citation. In most cases you will not be arrested for a minor in possession offense. The police officer will write you a citation that will indicate when you are supposed to be in court for your arraignment.Dress and act appropriately. Your first appearance in court is your chance to make a good first impression on the court clerk the judge the prosecutor and other courtroom staff. A bad impression can be hard to overcome particularly if you are trying to fight the charge.Take a seat in the courtroom. When you find the courtroom where your arraignment is taking place find a seat in the gallery and wait for your name to be called. The judge likely has several people appearing on the same or similar charges.Treat the judge with respect. When the judge calls your name move to the front of the courtroom. Address the judge either as your honor or as sir or maam. Do not interrupt the judge when he or she is speaking to you.Enter your plea. After the judge has read the charges against you and explained the possible penalties for the charge if you are convicted he or she will ask how you plead. If you want to fight the charge you should either stand mute or plead not guilty.

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