Keep Cats Off Cars

How to Keep Cats Off Cars
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How to Keep Cats Off Cars Outdoor cats love to find warm perches to lay on and it seems like theres nowhere better for them to bask than right on the hood of your car. Whether the perpetrator is your cat a neighborhood kitty or a stray waking up to find paw prints or even scratches on your car can be annoying and frustrating. Using an electronic or natural cat repellent can keep the cats away without hurting them while preventing scratches in your paint can help minimize damage from any cats that slip past your defenses. Use a cat repellent spray. Look for all natural sprays that wont damage the paint on your car. Try spraying the ground around your car first. If the cat continues to sit on your car spray the car directly every night before bed.Sprinkle cat repelling powder on your car. Look for a powder thats organic and chemical free which will be safe to use around children plants and household pets. Powders are inexpensive but can be blown off your car by winds or rain.Use dry herbs to repel the cat. Sprinkle an herb like rue rosemary or lavender on the hood of your car or other areas where the cat likes to sit. You can switch off between herbs to see what works best or try a mix. Start with a small amount of herb increasing it if the cat continues to sit on your car.Make your own cat repellent. Mix an essential oil such as lavender peppermint or orange with 3 parts water in a spray bottle and spritz around your car or soak cotton balls and place them around the car. You can also spray with a mixture of 1 part Citronella oil and 4 parts water.Place an ultrasonic animal repellent near your car. When these electronic repellents sense motion they emit a high pitched sound thats inaudible to the human ear but is annoying to cats. The cat will run off with no harm done to it or your car. Install a motion controlled sprinkler. These sprinklers are built specifically to deter feline pests. Hook one up to your hose and point it at your car. When it detects motion it will spray a big arc of water to scare off the cat. The downside is that your car will likely get wet in the process. Make sure to roll up your windows beforehand and avoid walking in front of the sprinkler or youll might get sprayed instead of the cat

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