Make a Mustache

How to Make a Mustache
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How to Make a Mustache A mustache can be a fun accessory for a costume party. If you are looking for a fake mustache you can make a realistic one using craft hair or quirky fake mustaches from things like pipe cleaner and yarn. If you want to grow a mustache of your own let your facial hair grow out and then trim the mustache into your desired shape. With a little time and effort you can make whatever kind of mustache you want. Flat iron your craft hair. You can purchase craft hair online or at a craft store such as Michaels. Make sure to purchase hair designed to be used in costumes or on things like dolls. Run a flat iron over your craft hair to make it smooth and easy to work with before you start forming your mustache.Brush out the hair. After ironing your hair you want to make sure it looks as smooth as possible. Use a fine toothed comb to brush any tangles out of your mustache so it looks smooth. This will help your fake mustache look more realistic.Cut the hair. Cut out 4 sections of hair from your craft hair. These should be thin sections of 1 to 2 inches 2.5 to 5.1 cm.Prep your skin. If you have any hair on your upper lip already shave or wax it off first. Then use a cotton swab to gently clean your skin with rubbing alcohol.Add a cosmetic adhesive to your lower lip. You can purchase cosmetic adhesive such as glue or tape online or at a costume store. Use a cotton swab to dab a thin layer of cosmetic adhesive along your lower lip.Apply half your mustache to your adhesive. Take one of your sections of hair. Pinch the hair between your fingers and push the upper ends onto the cosmetic adhesive. Hold for 30 seconds so the hair stays in place.Remove and trim stray hairs. Some stray hair may not stick to your face. Use your fingers to pull out any stray hairs. Then take a small pair of scissors and trim away any excess hair that is hanging over your lip.Repeat with an upper layer. Take your second section. Apply just above the first section of hair. Draw a line of adhesive just above the hair on your lower lip and attached the section to your lower lip. Hold for 30 seconds and then remove any excess hair. Apply hair under your nostrils. Cut out a small square like section from your craft hair to fit under your nostrils. This will bridge the gap between either side of your mustache. Apply cosmetic adhesive near your nostrils getting as close as you can. Then press your square shaped section of cosmetic hair against your nose. Trim away any excess hair.Repeat on the other side. Using your last two rectangular sections of craft hair repeat the same process. Attach the first section of hair to your lower lip and attach the second section on top of this. When you are done you will have a nice full fake mustache to enjoy.

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