Restore Apps on Android

How to Restore Apps on Android
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How to Restore Apps on Android This video teaches you how to restore apps on an Android phone using your Google backup feature. In order to restore the apps and app data associated with your Google account you must first enable automatic backup on your device then you can restore your apps and app data to any device by adding your Google account on any Android phone. Open Settings. Its a gray app with the icon of a gear usually located in your Androids app drawer though the icon may look different if you are using a different theme.Scroll down and tap System. Its the option next to the icon of a small circle with a lowercase i in it under the Accessibility option.Tap Backup and Reset. Its the option under the Google option.Tap the switch for Backup to Google Drive to the ON position. Its the first option at the top of the page. When this option is enabled the switch will slide to the right and turn blue.Tap App Data. This will begin backing up the apps and any personal app data that can be backed up to the Google Drive associated with the Google account registered to your Android phone.

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