Use Healthy Cooking Methods

How to Use Healthy Cooking Methods
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How to Use Healthy Cooking Methods Eating healthier meals is a big part of taking good care of yourself and your family but eating healthier doesnt mean you have to sacrifice flavor or eliminate your favorite foods Learn how to cook your foods in a healthier way like by steaming your vegetables or broiling your meats. Similarly you can substitute some less nutritious ingredients for healthier alternatives like swapping out mayonnaise and using smashed avocado instead. Boil your veggies and meats to cook them without using any oils or fats. All you need to boil food is a large pot water and a little bit of salt. Carrots broccoli cauliflower potatoes chicken and beef are just a few options for ingredients you can boil. Check online for specific boiling times.Steam your veggies and fish to keep all their nutrients intact. You can place a steaming basket over a pot of boiling water or you could also wrap your ingredients in foil and place them in the steamer basket to contain all the juices. Simply bring a pot of water to a boil place your steam basket on top and add your ingredients to the basket. Grill your meats and veggies for a nice smoky flavor and less fat. Grilling is great because it makes your meat tender while also letting the fat drip away from it which is healthier for you It also imparts a nice flavor to meats and veggies. You can grill steak and chicken as well as vegetables like asparagus peppers onions zucchini and even lettuceStir fry your food for a quick flavorful option. Use a few teaspoons of a healthy cooking oil like extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil and add in your chopped veggies and protein for a 10 minute meal. Because the cooking time is so short there is less time for your ingredients to lose their healthy nutrients.Broil your meals in the oven for a fast way to cook. Broiling is a high heat option that doesnt require you to add any additional oils or fats to your dish. Use lean cuts of meat like chicken and fish and heartier vegetables like squash and onion. Make sure you preheat the broiler before putting your dish in the oven or broiler drawer.Microwave your food so it retains its nutrients while cooking quickly. A microwave with a carousel that rotates the food is the best kind to use. Make sure you put your food into microwave safe dishes. Use a flat plate to cover the dishes when you microwave them to keep the food moist. Check online for cooking times for different ingredients.Try eating raw foods to avoid losing any nutrients through cooking. Focus on eating uncooked and unprocessed foods like fruits vegetables nuts seeds and pasteurized dairy products.

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