Write for Relaxation

How to Write for Relaxation
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How to Write for Relaxation Writing can be very hard work particularly if you are a student author or journalist. However under the right circumstances writing can also be extremely relaxing and fun. If you are feeling stressed out or anxious learning how to write for relaxation can help relieve some of your stress leaving you feeling calm and at peace. Choose a medium. Whether you are new to writing or have been doing it for years you will need to choose a medium to work with. This largely boils down to a matter of taste and comfort. Some people prefer working with a computer while others prefer the tactile experience of writing on a notebook page. Invest in a nice pen. If you have chosen to write with a pen and paper you may want to equip yourself with quality materials. While you do not need a fancy writing instrument to write having a nice pen that you like may help you stay motivated and enjoy the writing process. There are many places to purchase a pen. You can start at your local art supply store or search online for quality writing instruments.Start a new notebook. If you are trying to begin a practice of writing for relaxation and you are intent on using a pen and paper you may want to start with a clean unused notebook. This gives you greater freedom over what you write how you write and where you write it.Find a place to write. You can write from home if you are comfortable doing so. However many writers find themselves feeling trapped or uninspired at home. For this reason you may want to consider finding a regular writing location whether it is inside your home or out around town.Meditate before you begin. You probably didnt meditate in school before a writing assignment but meditation and art go hand in hand. Meditating before you begin to write can help you calm your mind clarify your thoughts and focus your attention on the task at hand.

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