Be a Good Landlord

How to Be a Good Landlord
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How to Be a Good Landlord If you have ever been a tenant you know there are good landlords and there are bad landlords. Whether you have decided to rent out a house or apartment where you used to live or want to work for a larger property management company take care to ensure your tenants see you as one of the good ones. To be a good landlord you need to have open lines of communication with your tenants provide prompt property maintenance and maintain meticulous records. 1 X Research source Explain the lease to new tenants. Whenever you have a new tenant make it a point to sit down with them and go through the lease in detail. Do your part to make sure they understand everything in it before they sign on the dotted line.Provide moving resources for new tenants. Particularly if your new tenants are moving from a different city or a different part of the country they will appreciate information about the surrounding community.Respond to questions or complaints promptly. A good landlord is accessible to their tenants. This means that generally you should respond to any emails or phone calls from tenants within 24 hours of receipt.Offer multiple avenues of communication. While you should let your tenants know if there is a particular method of communication that you prefer you should give them several different ways to get in touch with you depending on the time of day they need to reach you.Maintain an air of professionalism. While you do want to be friendly with your tenants you still need to maintain a professional relationship. Particularly if you live near the unit you are renting it can become easy to slip into a more personal relationship.Reward tenants for paying rent on time or in advance. One of the simplest ways to become a landlord that your tenants rave about and recommend to others is to reward good behavior rather than relying solely on punishments for bad behavior.

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