Behave if You Get Arrested

How to Behave if You Get Arrested
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How to Behave if You Get Arrested Police encounters can be intense. You may feel that you have been unfairly arrested. However in order to avoid any negative consequences you need to stay calm and in control of yourself during the encounter. You will be better off if you show respect to the police even if you dont think they deserve it. At the same time you should be focused on protecting your rights such as the right to remain silent. Once you are taken to the station and booked you should work on getting a phone call so that you can hire an attorney. Stop a moving vehicle immediately. It is common to be stopped while driving. If you see the lights blinking in your rearview mirror then you should remember the following tipsStay calm. It is natural for your heart to start pounding when you get arrested especially if youve done nothing wrong. However it is important to remain calm. By raising your voice or getting angry you could trigger the police to become angry in return.Speak politely. You shouldnt swear or cuss out the officer no matter how angry you feel. Always say Sir Maam or Officer when speaking to the police. It is safer to be too polite than not polite enough.Tell the truth. Unfortunately you can escalate a situation by lying to the police or pretending to be dumb. Although you dont have to speak to the police you shouldnt lie to them if you do.Dont physically resist. In addition to remaining polite and staying calm you should not physically resist the arrest. When the police tell you that you are under arrest you should not fight them as they place handcuffs on you.Avoid confrontations with other arrestees. You might be arrested as part of a group. For example you might have participated in a protest and been picked up with a group of other people who you might not know really well. It is important not to get into fights with them as you sit in jail.

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