Get Rid of Toads in Your Yard

How to Get Rid of Toads in Your Yard
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How to Get Rid of Toads in Your Yard Toads can be a little annoying between their noisy songs and the potential for being poisonous. However before you commit to getting rid of the toads consider these facts many toads are endangered and if left alone in your yard they will help keep the pest population down so you will have fewer mosquitoes to contend with. 1 X Research source In fact if you live in an area with a rainy season it may be nearly impossible to keep the toads out. as soon as you remove some more will enter your yard. 2 X Research source Nonetheless you can take steps to make your yard less attractive to toads as well as physically deter them. If you need to euthanize an invasive or poisonous species there are a few techniques you can try. Turn off the outside lights. Insects are attracted to light and toads and frogs will show up when there are insects around. Make sure the lights are off unless you are outside and you will reduce the insect population.Get rid of water sources. Water sources like small ponds and fountains will attract toads to your yard particularly during breeding season. To help reduce the attraction take out these water features.Mow the lawn to keep it dry. Mowing the lawn often will keep the insect population at bay which in turn will deter toads. A short lawn also gives toads fewer places to hide.Remove outdoor pet food bowls. Toads are attracted to dog and cat food so if you leave food out you could be attracting toads. If you need to feed your animals only leave the food out for a short while.Add a silt fence around your yard or water features. Make a fence thats 2 ft 0.61 m high and 1 foot 0.30 m below the ground. Bend the bottom of the fence outward to make it more difficult to dig under it.Clear out dark covered areas that toads like to use for hiding spots. Toads like dark and damp areas away from the sun. Look around your yard for anything they could hide under such as old pots propped up boards and any other debris you may have around. Eliminate these areas to give toads fewer places to hide.

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