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How to Start a Micronation
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How to Start a Micronation Whether youre tired of all the restrictions in your country or are just looking for a fun new hobby starting a micronation could be the answer. It does not matter how old you are creating a micronation is a great way to have fun meet people and be in charge Think about what goals you have in creating a micronation and what you hope to accomplish before beginning. If you truly hope to secede from your parent nation accept that this is practically impossible no matter how much time and effort you put into it. Set a goal for your micronation. Are you looking for a fun project or are you interested in creating an actual sovereign nation? Think about why you want to create a micronation and what you hope to get out of it. Figuring out what type of micronation you want will help you determine how to proceed. Types of micronations include Research other micronations. To ensure you have a complete understanding of what a micronation is and what it entails do some research on other micronations. Some are created as a hobby while others are created in earnest. Find more information in books like Kathy Ceceris Micronations Invent Your Own Country and Culture or Erwin S. Strausss How to Start Your Own Country.Decide how serious you are about this project. You may want to create a micronation as a fun hobby with like minded individuals. Or you may take this endeavor quite seriously with the hopes of achieving independence for your nation. Recognize that there are many hurdles you will need to face if the latter is your goal. Choose a name for your nation. Your new nation will need a name. Consider your goals when determining a name. If you are just looking to keep you parents from harassing you about chores you could pick something like The Nation of Dirty Laundry. However if you truly hope to have your micronation taken seriously choose a more appropriate name like The Mountain Republic or The Free Island of the Pacific. Search it up before using it remember someone else might have chosen this name.Find citizens to join your nation. While there are many one person micronations out there youll need citizens to join your micronation if you intend to achieve sovereignty. You can ask friends neighbors and family members. You can also find citizens through advertisements or on the Internet through your own website or through micronation forums.Work to meet the four requirements of statehood. If youre hoping to secede from your parent nation youll need to meet specific statehood requirements. The Montevideo Convention of 1933 defines the four requirements of statehood you must have a defined territory a government a permanent population and the ability to enter foreign relations.

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