Train a Parakeet to Step Up

How to Train a Parakeet to Step Up
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How to Train a Parakeet to Step Up Parakeets are bright and sociable birds. With enough patience you can teach your companion all kinds of fun tricks One of the first and most basic commands you should teach your bird is step up which is just what it sounds like asking your parakeet to step up onto your hand or a perch. Once youve gotten your parakeet used to being around your hand you can start training it to step onto your finger. From there you can move on to more advanced techniques like laddering Create a safe environment for training. Its possible that your parakeet might get loose during training so close any doors and windows in the room before you begin. Turn off any electric fans or other hazardous devices such as space heaters and make sure there are no other pets in the room. Have a veterinarian clip your parakeets wings. Before starting any interaction that might involve your parakeet coming out of its cage make sure your birds wings are properly clipped. The vet will gently wrap your parakeet in a hand towel or dry washcloth pull out one of its wings and carefully clip off the ends of the 6 or 7 long flight feathers at the end of each wing starting at the tip of the wing. Then they will repeat the process with the other wing. Check that your parakeet is alert and calm. Dont try to train your bird if it is hungry tired or irritable. It wont be able to focus on what youre teaching it and it may develop unpleasant associations with training. Start working with your parakeet when it is awake and well fed. If your parakeet is hopping around actively chattering or whistling and wagging or flipping its tail it is probably feeling secure and happy.Approach the bird at slightly above eye level. If you tower over your parakeet it may feel intimidated. When you approach the cage crouch down if necessary so that your own eyes are only slightly above the parakeets. Put your hand in the cage slowly and quietly. If your parakeet seems calm and alert open the cage door and put your hand inside. Allow the parakeet to investigate your hand on its own but dont grab at it or try to get it to step up just yet. If your parakeet acts nervous dont immediately withdraw your hand from the cage. Keep your hand still and stay quiet until your bird figures out that nothing bad is going to happen and begins to calm down.Let the parakeet take a treat from your hand. Once your parakeet has had a few days to get used to being near your hand try offering it a treat. Put the treat in your hand and allow the parakeet to take it.

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