Arrange Flower Pots

How to Arrange Flower Pots
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How to Arrange Flower Pots Whether you have the space for an outdoor garden or not a potted flower arrangement can be a great way to accent a house or yard. Varying in size color and plant type these arrangements can be crafted to work in any area and be changed to suit the season. They are also a simple way to bring some color or symmetry to a space where planting is difficult or impossible. Decide where you want to put your pots. The first step in creating a successful arrangement is knowing where its going. Once youve chosen a spot youll have a better idea of what kind of plants you need. For example if it is a spacious area you can put large pots with tall plants like elephant ear or agave. If you want to work with hanging plants to line a porch try a sweet potato vine or wishbone flower. Pick your colors. The colors in the area you want to place your pots are likely going to affect the color of the plants you put into your arrangement. For example if you have a red door maybe a pot with deep purples and whites would be complementary for that area. It will stand out against the red of the door and really bring the eye of any visitor to that space. Or if you are placing an arrangement on your deck which is deep brown any bright color like yellows or oranges will appear striking against the wood.Plan out the shape. Once you know where you are going to place the plants you can figure out the shape of the arrangement. This should be where you decide the size of the plants and how theyll fit together in a pot. Look at each plants growing conditions. Similar to choosing the size and growing pattern of a plant its important to know which plants grow well where. For example an area that gets a lot of sun is going to need plants that are able to survive direct light. You dont want a pot mixed with plants that need direct light along with plants that need shade this will make keeping the plants alive and healthy very difficult. Instead you need to match up growing conditions before placing them.

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