Become a Magistrate

How to Become a Magistrate
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How to Become a Magistrate Magistrate is a difficult position to define because it takes on different meanings in different locations. The position of magistrate exists primarily in the United Kingdom Canada the United States and other countries whose legal system derives from English law back to the 12th or 13th century. A magistrate is generally a type of judge although the specific jurisdiction and level of authority will vary from country to country. In the U.K. a magistrate is a temporary volunteer position. Within the United States it can vary from state to state but is generally a full time paid position as a judge at some level. This article provides a general overview of the steps you should take if you wish to become a magistrate. For your specific location you should talk to local magistrates or lawyers or visit a law school. Perform well in high school. Although many students in their teenage years have not yet made career choices if you know early that you wish to become a magistrate then you need to begin studying hard as early as possible. Earning good grades in high school will provide more opportunities for your future. At the very least you need a high school diploma to attend college and you will need the college training to become a magistrate. It is never too early to perform at your best. Get a bachelors degree. The first step toward a job as a magistrate is earning your bachelors degree. You need to attend a respected accredited college or university. If you know already that your focus is to land a job as a magistrate someday then a degree in a field such as political science history or English could be useful. You will want to build up your training in reading writing and analysis.Earn an advanced degree in a legal field. In some locations you must have a law degree to become a magistrate. In others you could become a magistrate with only a bachelors degree and strong relevant work experience. In most cases however some higher degree beyond a bachelors degree will be useful in getting hired.Attend law school to maximize your potential. To enhance your chances of getting a job as a magistrate and to increase your earning potential you may want to attend law school. In some places the job of magistrate is nearly the same as being a judge. To qualify for this type of position you must have a law degree.

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