Buy a Whirlpool Tub

How to Buy a Whirlpool Tub
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How to Buy a Whirlpool Tub Whirlpool tubs can provide a relaxing spa like experience right at home. Many homeowners are upgrading to these jetted tubs as they embark on bathroom renovations. But if you are thinking of buying one you have many factors to consider such as space requirements design options and the complex installation process. Look for a space to store the tubs pump and wiring. Whirlpool tubs require extensive electrical wiring and a pump which need to be within a few feet of the tub. If you have a closet or cabinet adjacent to the tub it can be stored there. If not youll need to get an alcove tub with an apron or a drop in tub thats built into a deck. These styles will hide the electrical equipment.Measure the space where the tub will go. Figure out the length width and depth of the space youd like the tub to fill. And unless youre building a brand new bathroom get the measurements of the bathroom doorway to be sure your new tub will fit through it.Note where the current tubs drain is. Unless youre doing extensive renovations your new tubs drain will need to be in the same location as the old one. Note whether the drain is oriented left right or center and look for a new tub that will match it.Determine your water heaters capacity. This is usually printed somewhere on the side of your water heater. Whirlpool tubs require a lot of hot water so if you have a particularly small unit you may need to upgrade to a larger one. Aim for your water heater to have at least the capacity of any tub you buy.

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