Copyright Your Writing for Free

How to Copyright Your Writing for Free
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How to Copyright Your Writing for Free When you create an original piece of writing you automatically get certain property rights in that work. These rights are called copyright and automatically attach to certain works. If your work is copyrightable it will be copyrighted as soon as it is fixed. Nothing more needs to be done to gain the protections of the law. However there may be certain reasons you want to register your copyright and formally protect it well into the future. Know the purpose of a copyright. The primary purpose of copyright law is to promote the progress of science and useful arts. In order to promote knowledge scientific or otherwise copyright laws give you a temporary monopoly on the work you create. This is intended to encourage you to produce even more.Determine if your work can be copyrighted. Copyright laws apply to original works of authorship. This phrase includesRecognize the rights associated with a copyright. When you own a copyright to an original work of authorship you have the exclusive right to distribute reproduce perform license and display your work and also to prepare secondary works based on your work. Understand the time limit associated with a copyright. When you own a copyright it does not last forever. The length of time your copyright protections last will depend on when your work was created and whether it was published. For purposes of copyright a writing is considered published when you make it available to the public on an unrestricted basis.

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