Identify Swimmer’s Ear

How to Identify Swimmer’s Ear
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How to Identify Swimmer’s Ear Swimmers ear also known as acute otitis externa is a painful infection in the canal between the outer ear and the eardrum. This condition is known as swimmers ear because it is most commonly acquired when dirty water enters the ear canal while people swim or bathe. Swimmers ear can also be caused by damage to the thin layer of skin protecting your ear from improper ear cleaning. A moist environment in the ear canal is necessary for the infection to take root. Know how to identify swimmers ear and get treatment before the infection becomes too painful and spreads. Sense an itch in your ear. Itching in the outer ear and ear canal is the first sign of swimmers ear.Look for redness inside your ear. If you can see slight redness beginning just inside your ear you may be developing an ear infection.Pay attention to discomfort. You might not be in any real pain yet but have some slight discomfort indicating an ear infection.Watch for drainage. At this stage of the infection any drainage would be clear and odourless fluid.See your doctor. At the first signs of an ear infection go see your doctor. Although this is not an urgent medical issue the infection can progress to the point of significant pain chronic ear infection damage and widespread infection.

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