Look Sweet

How to Look Sweet
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How to Look Sweet Achieving a sweet innocent look is fairly simple if you are willing to make a few necessary changes to your style and attitude. Looking sweet is often associated with youthfulness and innocence so keep those qualities in mind as they pertain to your physical appearance and in your personality. Dress appropriately. If you want to look sweet it is important that you dress the part. Typically a sweet look is achieved with modest clothing and youthful silhouettes whereas wearing tight revealing clothing will give you a more mature look. Keep a fun and youthful image in mind when you are getting dressed to achieve a sweet look.Wear light colors. Lighter colors look much sweeter than darker colors so make them a bigger part of your wardrobe. Swap out your dark colored clothing for light pastels bright colors and neutrals. Dressing in this lighter color palette automatically creates a sweeter fun and youthful look.Wear light makeup. The sweet look isnt achieved with heavy contouring or intense eyeliner. Instead go with a more natural look. Looking sweet is often associated with youth and innocence so light makeup will give you the best results.Get the right hairstyle. The perfect hairstyle makes or breaks any look. If you want to look sweet it is best to avoid extreme hairstyles like mohawks bright blue streaks or a half shaved head. Go for a simple more traditional hairstyle instead.

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