Practice Airplane Etiquette

How to Practice Airplane Etiquette
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How to Practice Airplane Etiquette When traveling by air you are sometimes forced to rub elbows literally with people you do not know. In close quarters and for extended periods of time a little consideration can go a long way. To make a flight as smooth as possible for both yourself and others and to avoid dirty looks practice airplane etiquette as follows. Carry your bag in front of you and low to the ground as you walk down the aisle in search of your seat. Holding it up and at your sides will inevitably knock seated passengers on their arms shoulders and heads. You can pull it along if it has wheels. Utilize the overhead space above your own seat row. Do not place your bags in the overhead at the front of the plane unless you are sitting in that row. Dont put your bag in a bin near the front of the plane for a quick exit it means someone else will have to wait until the entire plane has emptied to walk back to get their bag. Taking the storage space of other passengers is rude and can potentially delay departure as they search for storage.Avoid hogging the aisle. Remember that space is limited on board. Always be swift and alert while putting things in the overhead lockers as other people need the aisle space to get around you and to their seat. Place the items that you will frequently use in your seat back pocket or under the seat in front of you. Take care when retrieving luggage from the overhead compartment It may be positioned to fall on you or someone else. If you have a lot of bulky heavy luggage in the overhead bin wait until others have left before standing and blocking other people from leaving the plane they may have another flight to get to or ask somebody to help you get your luggage down while everybody is waiting to leave the plane. This will help with traffic flow and allows all passengers to leave the plane as fast as possible.

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