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How to Quit Twitter
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How to Quit Twitter Quitting Twitter can seem like a drastic step for those deeply entwined in its intricacy of follows unfollows like minded friends MLM spammers and lists of must follows. However you might feel you have reached the end of the line and Twitter ceases to serve its purpose as a relationship building tool that brightens your day. If you are thinking of quitting here are some suggestions. Write out the reasons why you are thinking of quitting. Its helpful to let your thoughts about this fairly irreversible action gel by writing them down. Consider doing this the old fashioned way pen on paper as you sit somewhere comfortable. Away from the computer your resolve to quit might be strengthened and you might also come up with more reasons for cutting the cord includingDecide upon the extent of your quitting. There are several possibilities open to you depending on the results soughtExpect withdrawal symptoms unless you are really resolved and resilient. Twitter withdrawal symptoms can occur especially if you were a heavy user. Here are some symptoms that might appear post the Twit quit Be ready in case there is a flurry of emails sent to you if you are well known and can be found elsewhere online. If you are popular you might be at the receiving end of other peoples astonishment disgust annoyance or unhappiness at your decision to quit. Or they might be saying bravo and lauding your courage. Either way the email aftermath can be disarming.Start coping. If you are feeling fine and very glad that you have quit Twitter then thats great If not it is important to be gentle on your post Twitter self things to help you cope may include Trust yourself. The final message for someone quitting is to trust that you know enough to live well and that you do not need the constant barrage of advice from others in the Twittersphere. You do not stop learning just because you have stopped the Twitter stream. you remain open to all other avenues of learning. And you will probably find you have got more time now and less need to tell everyone what your latest mundane thought actually is

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