Splint a Fractured Hand

How to Splint a Fractured Hand
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How to Splint a Fractured Hand A fractured bone in the hand can be extremely painful and the slightest movement can exacerbate the pain and possibly cause further injury. A splint serves to provide support to your injury including the bones tendons tissues and other ligaments. Splint a fractured hand as soon as possible after the injury as this will help to keep broken bones immobilized and as straight as possible for healing. Splints can also help reduce pain by maintaining stability and reducing swelling. You can even make temporary hand splints out of everyday objects once you understand their purpose and application. However a hand fracture in a makeshift splint should always be checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible to avoid additional damage. 1 X Trustworthy Source American Academy of Family Physicians Organization devoted to improving the health of patients families and communities Go to source Know the terms for applying splints properly. When describing the application of a splint or cast it is necessary to understand the basic terms regarding the proper orientation and position to splint your injury. Two terms are particularly importantThink about how to immobilize the joints near the injury site. Splints should be applied with the idea of splinting the joint above and all the joints below the injury site to keep free movement of the injury to a minimum and restrict movement of the surrounding tissuesNote that there are different splinting techniques. The type of splint depends on the injury. What follows in the next two methods are general guidelines. However there are specific injuries that require slightly different splinting techniques includingFind a splint. It should be a hard straight object that is at least as long as the distance from the middle of the forearm to the tips of the fingers. Ideally use an object that will form to the shape of the arm wrist and hand. Rolled up newspaper provides adequate support to make an impromptu hand splint.

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