Tone Your Stomach with Yoga

How to Tone Your Stomach with Yoga
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How to Tone Your Stomach with Yoga You may do cardio regularly and have a healthy diet thats low in fat and high in protein but find that your routine is lacking something. The regular practice of yoga is not only a relaxing way to build a stronger mind body connection but it can help you develop a stronger core. To tone your stomach with yoga focus on poses that challenge your core to maintain your balance and hold your body in position. 1 X Research source Make your inhales slow and deep. Breathe in through the nose concentrating on filling your lungs with air the way you would fill a glass with water. Expand your chest and concentrate on slowly filling every available space.Empty your breath with long exhales. Often exhalation is more difficult to master because as soon as you near the end of the exhalation you become too focused on quickly inhaling again rather than completely emptying your lungs of air.Engage your core. Your diaphragm is part of your core muscle group and also plays a central role in your breathing. When you focus on activating your diaphragm to breathe deeply you also strengthen your core muscles.Practice pranayama yoga. Pranayama is the practice of breath control. Adding pranayama exercises and breathing techniques to your regular yoga practice will strengthen the top and inner muscles of your core.Understand the importance of breath to yoga practice. In many ways mastering proper breath is more important than being able to hold complicated or difficult poses. Once you have mastered your breathing you will be able to hold poses longer and go further than you ever thought you could.

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