Use the Convection Setting on an Oven

How to Use the Convection Setting on an Oven
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How to Use the Convection Setting on an Oven The convection setting on your oven turns on a fan and an exhaust system that moves hot air around your oven. This has the effect of cooking the outer edges of dishes more evenly. In addition the exhaust system pulls moisture out of the oven helping dry foods faster than when the convection setting is not turned on. Ultimately by knowing when to use the convection setting and taking steps to better use your oven youll be able to skillfully cook using the convection setting. Use the convection option when you want to roast food. The convection setting is great for roasting food because it will help render fat quicker and result in a more uniform looking browned surface. In addition convection cooking will help the natural sugars in fruits and vegetables caramelize quicker. This will result in a creamy center and crisp edges. Some examples of food you can roast with the convection setting on includeTry the convection setting when you want flakier baked goods. Because of the way hot air moves in a convection oven your baked goods will be lighter crisper and flakier. They might also cook faster. In addition you wont have to rotate them that often. Some baked goods you may want to cook with the convection setting turned on includeTurn the convection setting on when you want to toast or dry food. The convection setting will speed the drying process and make sure your food is more uniformly toasted. In fact a convection oven may be better at drying jerky than a dehydrator. Consider toasting or dryingAvoid using the convection setting with delicate pastries. The circulating air in your convection oven will disrupt and harm any delicate dishes you cook. This process could dry out your dish or cause it to ruin in some other way. As a result avoid cooking the following on the convection settingTurn the convection on with fried and crunchy food. If youre cooking or warming something that you want to stay crunchy you should turn on the convection setting. This works because the convection oven will move hot air around the food removing moisture and crisping the dish.

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