Apply for a Utility Patent

How to Apply for a Utility Patent
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How to Apply for a Utility Patent The utility patent is the most common patent issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office USPTO. If you have invented something a patent gives you the right to keep other people from copying your invention for 20 years from the date you filed your application. A patent application is a lengthy detailed formal document that must closely adhere to USPTO rules and regulations. First file a provisional patent application if you want priority for your invention while you work on your non provisional patent application. If you want to apply for a utility patent you should first hire an experienced patent attorney. 1 X Trustworthy Source United States Patent and Trademark Office U.S. government agency responsible for registering and protecting patents and trademarks Go to source Meet the basic requirements for patentability. US law sets out conditions that must be met for your invention to be eligible for a patent. Generally your invention must be new and useful and it can not be an obvious advance or improvement on something already patented or already disclosed in a publication or in public use.Determine your inventions classification. The USPTO has a classification system that it uses to organize patents and related documents. Your invention will fall into a specific class and then into one or more subclasses. Conduct a prior art search. You will not be able to patent your invention if someone else has already patented or otherwise disclosed something that is identical or similar or an obvious improvement or combination of existing inventions. If there are patents or disclosures for similar inventions your application must distinguish your invention from those other inventions.Decide whether you need international protection. The USPTO has several cooperative programs that can give your invention protection in many other countries when you file your patent application in the US.

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