Dye Fabric with Arashi Shibori

How to Dye Fabric with Arashi Shibori
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How to Dye Fabric with Arashi Shibori Arashi Shibori is a traditional Japanese technique used to dye fabrics. To dye fabric using this technique youll need a cylindrical object and some twine or yarn to tie the fabric down with. You can dye your fabric any color youd like and you can even mix and match different colors. As you get better you can start experimenting with different ways of wrapping the fabric to get more intricate designs. Choose a fabric made of all natural fibers. You can dye things like blankets sheets pillowcases shirts and dresses. Cotton wool silk and polyester are all natural fibers you can use.Presoak the fabric in a baking soda bath for 15 minutes. Mix and one quarter gallon.95 liters of water and 1 tablespoon 14.8 mL of baking soda in a large bowl or plastic container. Submerge the fabric in the baking soda bath. The baking soda bath will help the fabric absorb more color when you dye it.Fold the fabric into a rectangle. Folding your fabric in a rectangular shape will make it easier to tie onto the pole for dyeing. If the fabric youre dyeing is already square or rectangular you can leave it as is or fold it in half once if its big.Attach a corner of the fabric to a cylindrical object using a rubber band. Traditional arashi shibori is done using a long wooden pole but you can use any object that is cylindrical in shape. A PVC pipe large mason jar or card stock tube will work. Place a corner of the fabric flat on the cylinder so it is touching one of the ends of the object.

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