Hit a Six

How to Hit a Six
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How to Hit a Six Hitting a six is a difficult skill to master but when a player pulls it off it can be one of the most exciting moments of a cricket match. The batter hits the ball over the boundary automatically earning six runs. The crowd erupts in cheers. With practice you can learn how to hit a six and pull your team to glory. Use a balanced wide legged stance. A balanced stance ensures you have room to adjust as the ball nears you. Place your feet shoulder width apart. You can try moving your feet around slightly or shifting your weight until you find a position that feels firm and balanced.Breathe steadily to maintain your calm. Steady breathing will hone your focus so that you are ready for the hit. Try breathing deeply and slowly from your abdomen instead of fast and shallow from your chest.Keep your head in line with the ball as it nears you. This will make sure your eyes stay on the ball. You can judge the speed of the ball and know when to swing.Point the toes of your front foot in the direction that you would like the ball to go. This will align your body properly so that the ball goes in the correct direction. Keep the back foot still.

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