Know if a Conure Is Right for You

How to Know if a Conure Is Right for You
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How to Know if a Conure Is Right for You If youre looking for a playful active parrot with plenty of personality the conure may seem like the perfect bird for you. It is a good idea however to consider the conures unique behavior and requirements before adopting one. These birds can live up to 30 years and require lots of attention but in return theyll give you plenty of love affection and entertainment. Determine if youre willing to take on a 20 to 30 year commitment. Conures can live between 20 and 30 years in captivity. Do not adopt one if you are not willing to make a long term commitment to caring for one. If you expect to move or change lifestyles in the next few years a conure may not be the right bird for you.Pick a conure if you like social birds. Conures have playful clownish and affectionate personalities. While some may not want to be touched many enjoy sitting on their owners shoulders and cuddling up to their face.Determine how much noise you can handle. While conures do not talk as much as other types of parrots they do squawk. They can sometimes express themselves through a series of loud screeching calls. If you prefer a quiet home a conure may not be the right pet for you.Prepare for plenty of chewing. Conures explore everything with their beak. If you get a conure you will need to keep them stocked with plenty of chew toys like wooden blocks and vine balls. Keep in mind that even if you give the conure toys they may still chew on your furniture and clothing.Learn to live with nipping. When a conure is stressed tired afraid or annoyed they may nip people. While excessive nipping should not be tolerated you may have to put up with a little nipping especially while you are training the bird.

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