Plant Your First Garden

How to Plant Your First Garden
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How to Plant Your First Garden If you have sunny spacious backyard you could soon be growing fresh tasty vegetables from a garden of your own. Start with a small plot at first and carefully plan where you want your crops to grow. With a little work and a lot of love your garden will soon be sprouting spinach carrots kale potatoes beans or whatever else you want to grow. Gardening is an easy and fun activity that you and your whole family can enjoy. Plant your garden near a source of water. Plant as close as possible to a spigot well or other source of water while still allowing for other planting needs like good soil and sunlight. If possible connect a hose with a spray nozzle to your spigot to make watering easier. Otherwise invest in a watering can.Select a site where your garden will get at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Vegetables grow best in areas that receive 10 hours or more of sunlight each day. Try not to plant your garden near trees buildings or other sources of shade.Plant in raised beds if you want a more manageable garden. Raised beds are low boxes filled with dirt. Instead of planting your garden directly in the earth youll plant in the raised bed. The beds can be of any size but are typically 3 or 4 feet 0.91 or 1.22 m wide and 12 inches 30 cm high.Draw a map of where each plant will grow using grid paper. Measure the space you want to plant in then draw a map of the space using grid paper. Make each square on the grid paper equal to 1 square foot 0.093 m. This will better help you determine what you have space for and whether you need to scale back your garden ambitions.

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