Use Hair Conditioner Around the House

How to Use Hair Conditioner Around the House
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How to Use Hair Conditioner Around the House Hair conditioner was discovered during World War II by scientists looking for relief for burn victims. Instead they ended up with a product that softened and protected hair. What you may not know is hair conditioner can actually be used for many purposes around the house that can be very helpful. Slip off tight jewelry. If you have a ring stuck on your finger and can not seem to slide it off rub some conditioner around to help take it off with more ease. Hair conditioner will lubricate your skin to reduce friction and prevent irritation.Take off your makeup. You can use conditioner as a quick and easy way to clean your face and remove makeup. This is also a great way to save room in luggage when you are traveling.Shave your legs. Hair conditioner can provide a closer shave than shaving foam and it moisturizers your skin. It can also be easier to see the spots you may miss because of its thinner consistency.Protect your hairline from hair dye. When dyeing your hair hair conditioner can be used to line your hairline to help protect your skin from being dyed. It also helps to remove random dye marks from your skin after you have washed the dye from your hair.Remove sticky adhesives. If you have ever had an impossible to get off Band Aid or temporary tattoo try rubbing them away with conditioner.Soften your cuticles. Use your regular hair conditioner to soften your nail cuticles. Aim to do this at least twice a week to see a difference.Tame static ridden hair. On dry days hair can sometimes have a mind of its own and go off in different directions. Hair conditioner can be the perfect solution to weigh down your hair so it stays flat.

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