Apply Frontline

How to Apply Frontline
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How to Apply Frontline Fleas and ticks plague pets and their owners every summer and in some places all year round. They carry diseases and make life uncomfortable for dogs and cats. An infestation in the home can also occur if the problem is left unchecked and fleas are allowed to multiply. A flea and tick medication called Frontline has been successful in killing these pests at all stages of life. You can apply Frontline to cats and dogs to prevent or treat a flea infestation. Buy the correct type of Frontline. You can purchase Frontline at a pet store or your vets office. You also may be able to get Frontline at some drug stores like Walgreens. Its a good idea to buy Frontline from a vet however as a veterinarian can a make sure you get the right product.Remove the applicators. Frontline comes with several small plastic applicators. They look something like little bottles. Each applicator contains a single dose of Frontline.Snap off the opening of the applicator. Each applicator has a small tip that you can easily snap off. You must snap off the tip prior to applying Frontline to your dog or cat.Find a spot on your pets back. You should apply Frontline on your pets back directly between your pets shoulders. Frontline is safe to use on a pets skin but should not be ingested by the pet. Your pet will be unable to reach this area preventing them from licking Frontline off.Apply the Frontline to your pets skin. Part your pets fur so you can see its skin. This is very important. To work effectively Frontline must be absorbed into your pets skin. It must make direct contact with the skin and not the fur to do so.

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