Become a Mailman

How to Become a Mailman
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How to Become a Mailman Becoming a mail carrier can be a good choice for someone beginning a first career or changing careers later in life. In general these positions require little to no education or previous experience while offering excellent compensation and benefits. 1 X Research source The exact job description requirements application and pre employment screening process for a mail carrier will vary depending on location. However there are some general steps you will need to take to become a letter carrier. Decide if being a mail carrier is right for you. Before beginning the application process you will need to figure out if you would be happy as a letter carrier. Like all jobs this will depend on your personality lifestyle and skill set.Look for open letter carrier positions in your area. While these jobs used to be listed at the local post office most countries now use online application systems. Simply visit the appropriate website and use the search function to find jobs near your home.Determine if you meet the job requirements. In general letter carriers will have qualifications based on levels of physical fitness driving record and reading ability.Gather necessary documentation. You will need information about past employment and education records. You will also need to have relevant government identification numbers such as your social security number if you live in the US and your drivers license if required. Complete the online application. Set aside enough time to finish it without distractions. Find a quiet place and a compatible Internet browser in which to fill out the online employment application. Not all browser versions are supported. If you are having difficulty getting a webpage to display correctly try viewing it on a different browser. For most application websites Java scripting must be enabled.

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