Divorce in Maryland

How to Divorce in Maryland
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How to Divorce in Maryland Divorce is potentially a long complicated and confusing process for all parties involved. However pursuing a divorce without regard to who is at fault can speed up the process and eliminate some of the complications. If you think that you can come to an agreement on custody support and division of assets it might pay off for you and your spouse to learn more about the process of a no fault divorce in Maryland. Be sure this is what you want. Divorce is a serious legal proceeding that dissolves the marriage contract between two people. Most of the obligations rights and privileges that arose from that contract are permanently terminated. All divorces even uncontested divorces cost significant amounts of time and money. Therefore a divorce proceeding is not something to enter into lightly. Have a serious and frank discussion with your spouse to make sure that a divorce is something you really want. Make sure you want a no fault divorce. Traditionally fault had to be attributed to one of the spouses in order for a divorce to be granted. These grounds for divorce included adultery cruelty abandonment criminality or insanity. In Maryland today these are all viable grounds for divorce and if you can prove any one of them you may get a more favorable division of property and/or custody than if you were to file on no fault grounds. However you also have to option or pursuing a no fault divorce which dissolves the marriage contract without assigning fault to either party. This usually makes for a quicker process. Make sure that you qualify. In order to qualify for divorce you need to have been a resident of Maryland for one year prior to filing and will need to affirm as much on the form you submit with the court. You must have maintained residence continuously for the year. For instance if you were a resident of Maryland for six months established residency in Georgia for another six months and then established residency in Maryland for another six months you would not have qualified.Decide that you qualify for an absolute divorce. Maryland has two types of divorce absolute divorce and limited divorce. An absolute divorce is what most people think of when they think of a divorce. A limited divorce is very similar to what in other states is called a legal separation.

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