Introduce a New Pet Rat to Another Rat

How to Introduce a New Pet Rat to Another Rat
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How to Introduce a New Pet Rat to Another Rat Rats are very social creatures so if you keep one as a pet it will probably enjoy living with another rat. However if 2 rats were not raised together from a young age they may fight and be territorial with each other when they first meet. Fortunately by slowly introducing the rats to each other over time you can make it much more likely that theyll become best friends and even be able to live in the same cage together. Quarantine your new rat in a separate location for 2 3 weeks. Before you introduce your rats to each other youll want to make sure your new rat wont pass on any diseases to your other rat. Keep the new rat in a separate room as far away from your other rat as possible for the first 2 weeks after you bring it home to keep your other rat safe. Place the cages next to each other for brief periods of time every day. This will allow the rats to see and smell each other before they meet in person. Maintain a healthy distance between the cages between 1 and 3 feet 0.30 and 0.91 m in order to keep the rats from biting or scratching each other. Do this for about 10 15 minutes twice a day for 4 7 days. Put a few things from each rats cage in the others cage. This will give each rat a chance to get better used to the other rats smell. Put a paper towel in each cage and then switch the towels the next day or switch their hammocks chew sticks or water bottles. Do this during the latter half of the week in which you put their cages next to each other.Allow each rat to spend some time alone in the others cage. After youve gotten the rats used to each others scent letting them spend time in each others cage will get them used to being in an entire environment marked by the others scent. Do this for 15 30 minutes at a time and repeat this 2 3 days.

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