Read a Urine Dipstick

How to Read a Urine Dipstick
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How to Read a Urine Dipstick A urine dipstick test is a convenient way to check for a variety of medical issues. The dipstick features different colored test strips that change color depending on the contents of your urine. However it might not be immediately obvious what the different colors mean for your health. Fortunately once you understand what youre looking for reading your dipstick test results is a lot less intimidating. Cleanse the urinary opening with sterile wipes. Its important to get rid of any bacteria on the opening that may contaminate your urine and invalidate the test. If you dont have sterile wipes use soap and warm water to clean the area.Fill the sterile container halfway full with urine collected midstream. Begin to urinate into the toilet then place the container underneath the urine stream. Fill the container with at least 1 to 2 fluid ounces 30 to 59 mL then finish urinating into the toilet if needed.Submerge the test strip in the urine so that all test zones are immersed. Each of the strips on the dipstick need to be completely exposed to the urine in order to obtain accurate results. Dont worry about submerging the stick for any set length of time unless the manufacturers instructions specifically tell you to.Remove the test strip and gently tap it on the side of the container. Remove the dipstick from the urine as soon as all of the test zones have been completely submerged. Tap it once or twice on the side of the container to make sure that any excess urine on the stick is removed.Hold the strip horizontally for at least 30 seconds or more. Holding the dipstick horizontally will prevent the urine from running down the side of the stick and contaminating different test zones. Depending on what youre testing you may need to hold the strip for a longer period of time before reading the results.

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