Treat Dog Bites on Your Cat

How to Treat Dog Bites on Your Cat
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How to Treat Dog Bites on Your Cat Dog bites vary from superficial skin wounds to serious penetrating injuries. Prompt cleaning of superficial wounds can decrease the risk of infection. You should then take your cat to the veterinarian for evaluation and follow any instructions the vet gives you for home care. Be aware that a dog bite across the cat may cause internal injuries including crush injuries damage to the internal organs or air leaks into the chest. If the dog bites and shakes the cat then seeking veterinary attention is essential because of the potential to do trauma to the cats internal organs. Remember the damage done by a dog is about more than the superficial skin wounds. Deal with any bleeding right away. Immediately see if your cat is bleeding. When it comes from a dog even a small bite can cause bleeding.Examine the cat for other wounds. Even if only one spot on your cat is obviously bleeding do a thorough examination to check for any other wounds on your cats body. Dog bites and scratches can cause a variety of marks.Clean the wound to the best of your abilities. Once you have treated any bleeding and examined your cat for other wounds you should clean the wounds quickly. Its best to use an antiseptic solution but if this is unavailable simply use plain water.Learn about potential complications. Left untreated dog bites can result in a number of potential complications. They can become infected and lead to other symptoms.

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