Apply for Big Brother U.S.

How to Apply for Big Brother U.S.
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How to Apply for Big Brother U.S. On Big Brother a popular reality show 12 total strangers live together in a house under constant camera surveillance. Over the course of the show the contestants share their most private thoughts and compete in weekly challenges aiming to avoid elimination and win the competition. Applying to be on Big Brother is relatively easy you fill out a form upload an audition video and wait for the producers to contact you. But first you need to make sure you meet all of the shows application requirement and take some time to consider whether you can handle the pressure of being on Big Brother. Provide proof that you meet the shows age and citizenship requirements. In order to be considered you need to demonstrate that you are at least 21 years old a US citizen and currently living in the US. Make sure that your ID is current and accurate so you can submit it as part of the application process.Get a physical exam from a doctor to make sure youre healthy. In order to qualify and handle the challenges of the show you need to be in great physical and mental health. Getting an official medical exam will tell you and show the producers of Big Brother that your body and mind can handle the rigors of the show. Ask your job if you can take time off to be on the show. During the initial application process you can work around your work schedule to focus on completing your application and audition video. But if you make it to the final stages and are being considered as a cast member you must be able to meet the producers when and where they ask you to meet them. Check with your job to see if they would allow you to take time off to be on the show. Consider carefully whether you can handle the challenges of the show. As a contestant or HouseGuest on Big Brother youll be completely isolated from the outside world but any and all of your actions could be broadcast on live TV. Youll have to participate in weekly challenges and competitions and youll be expected to share very personal information about yourself with people you do not know. Before you decide to apply to be on Big Brother you need to think about whether youre up for the difficulties inherent to the show including lack of privacy and isolation from your friends and family.

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