Avoid Sweat Stains

How to Avoid Sweat Stains
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How to Avoid Sweat Stains Sweating is your bodys natural way of getting rid of toxins but the stains it can leave behind on your clothing arent so great. Its important to wear breathable clothing that allows your body to cool down as this will help prevent sweat stains tremendously. Choosing a deodorant or antiperspirant thats right for your body whether all natural or not will help reduce sweating and using sweat stain removers should help you get rid of any set stains. Use deodorant or antiperspirant when your armpits are completely dry. If your arms are wet or sweaty when you apply your deodorant or antiperspirant its not going to work as well and stains are more likely to form. Wipe off any moisture underneath your arms before applying deodorant or antiperspirant and let the application dry completely.Apply deodorant or antiperspirant in an even thin layer. Its common to think that applying more deodorant or antiperspirant will help you smell or sweat less but this isnt necessarily the case. Its much better to apply an even layer that is thin and controlled. Dont apply too much as this can cause stains. Change up your deodorant or antiperspirant every 6 months. Research has shown that it is possible for your body to become immune to your antiperspirant after several months. So if you are frustrated by your deodorant or antiperspirant because it does not seem to be working anymore try switching it up and trying out a different one. You can always go back to your favorite after a few months.Try a prescription deodorant or antiperspirant for extreme sweating. If you find yourself constantly sweating and are looking for a better solution think about trying a prescription deodorant or antiperspirant. These still have lots of aluminum but theyre less likely to ruin your day time clothes because you apply the prescription at night. Switch to a natural or chemical free deodorant. Many deodorants have aluminum in them which helps you sweat less. However the aluminum causes the sweat that you do produce to leave more prominent stains on your clothing. By switching to a natural deodorant or antiperspirant youll avoid all of the harmful chemicals that are in regular deodorants and help prevent stains as well.

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