Become an Introvert

How to Become an Introvert
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How to Become an Introvert Introversion is an essential social temperament that favors solo reflection and solitude to socializing. More simply put introverts are focused inward while extroverts are focused outward. If you want to learn whether or not you are an introvert and how to cultivate a comfortable reflective atmosphere for yourself you can learn to enjoy spending more time alone and be productive with your own faculties. Distinguish between introversion and anti social behavior. There are a lot of misconceptions about what being introverted means and it is not an anti social behavior. Introverts are regenerated and energized by spending time alone and often prefer solitude to group activities which many introverts find emotionally taxing.Distinguish between introversion and being shy. While many introverts may be said to be shy in public this isnt necessarily the case and it is important to learn the difference. Introversion is not a measure of shyness just as extroversion means more than being outgoing.Pay attention to what excites you. Are you energized by the thought of spending time alone? Would you rather work on a project alone or collaborate with others? In a group situation would it drive you crazy to not contribute your thoughts or would you rather save your opinions for a side conversation?Look beyond the dichotomy. A person does not have to be clearly in one or the other camp. Ambiversion is a term used to describe people who move comfortably between the two ends of the personality spectrum and a great many people actually score somewhere in the 50/50 range on personality tests.

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