Do 60s Hairdos

How to Do 60s Hairdos
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How to Do 60s Hairdos The 1960s was known for fun and glamorous hairstyles that were characterized by a lot of lift and volume. At the beginning of the decade short volumized bobs were popular. Tall beehive updos and other voluminous styles came into fashion in the mid sixties often popularized by music icons of the time. In the late sixties long hair as well as natural hair and afros started to rise in fashion because of the hippie movement and hairstyles that took less preparation and maintenance came into style. Make a tall beehive. Begin by making a horizontal part in your hair starting above one of your ears and going around your head to the other ear to divide the top of your hair from the bottom. Clip the top section of hair out of the way. Roll the bottom section against your head in a spiral and pin it to your head a fewabove the nape of your neck. Make a bumped ponytail. Get volumized hair by adding mousse or styling product into towel dried hair and blow drying your hair. Take the front section of hair right above your forehead and hold it straight up. Tease it with a comb by combing downward from the midsection to the crown of your head. Then gather your hair into a low ponytail making sure not pulling your hair back too tightly so that there is still some volume. Do a flipped medium length hairstyle. Comb your hair until it is smooth and tangle free. Then divide your hair into about four sections. Take one section and give it a healthy spritz of hairspray at the end to give your hair more texture and hold. Clamp the tip of the hair into a 1 inch curling iron and roll the bottom of your hair in the curling iron until about chin level. Hold the hair there for a few seconds then take the hair down and repeat the process of curling the ends of the other sections of hair. Do a half up volumized hairdo. Begin by creating two parts starting above each side of your forehead then take the top section of your hair that you just separated and keep it in a bun at the top of your head so that it is out of the way. Give the rest of your hair a slight wave by wrapping sections of your hair around a 1.5 inch curling iron. Then take the hair down that you tied up hold it straight up. and comb your hair from the midsection to the scalp to tease it.

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