Efficiently Heat a Room

How to Efficiently Heat a Room
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How to Efficiently Heat a Room Heating a room efficiently saves money and energy. Fortunately you dont need an expensive heating system to be efficient. Making small changes to a room and tweaking your heating routine can make a big difference in how efficiently a room is heated. By closing off any cracks or gaps where heat can escape and using smarter heating appliances you can ensure that a room maintains a cozy warm temperature without costing a fortune. Replace old or damaged weatherstripping on the doors and windows. Buy a new roll of weatherstripping at your local hardware store. Install it in the gaps around any doors and windows in the room to prevent heat from escaping and cold air from coming in. Just pull off the old or damaged weatherstripping and apply the new roll using the adhesive that comes on the strips. Raise the door thresholds if theyre adjustable. Check to see if there are screws in the thresholds leading into the room. If there are turn the screws counterclockwise to raise the threshold and close the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. Raise the threshold high enough that theres just a tiny sliver of light coming through the crack.Put plastic film over the windows. Find plastic film designed specifically to cover windows at your local hardware store. Put the film up when it starts to get cold to insulate the room and take it down after the winter or whenever it starts to warm up.Hang up thick curtains over the windows. Keep them closed at night to help insulate the room from the cold.Keep the curtains open during the day so heat from the sun gets in. Set a reminder on your phone or leave yourself a note so you dont forget to open them in the morning.Keep the windows locked. Windows are the most sealed when theyre locked so keep the windows in the room locked at all times to keep warm air in and cold air out.

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