Hold a Hermit Crab

How to Hold a Hermit Crab
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How to Hold a Hermit Crab Hermit crabs are great pets. Theyre relatively easy to take care of easy to feed and enjoyable to watch. However theyre a little bit tricky to handle if you are a new owner. If youre inexperienced or act improperly you might wind up being pinched by your little crab friend. There is also a danger you could hurt your crab friend. Luckily there are a number of things you can do to minimize danger to your crab friend and yourself. Just take it slowly act deliberately and be very careful. Move slowly when reaching for your hermit crab. Always make sure to move very slowly when trying to handle a hermit crab. Hermit crabs have compound eyes and can detect movement very well. If you move quickly theyll definitely see you and theyll certainly be startled and will try to run away or defend themselves. Pick the shell up from the back. When you go to pick up your crab make sure to pick him up from the back. If you try to pick him up from the front the crab might pinch you with his claws. The initial moment when you pick up the crab is key so dont botch this up and dont pick him up from the front of the shell or try to touch his head claws or body. Open the palm of your other hand underneath him while continuing to hold the shell from the back. After youve picked up the crab hold him by the back of the shell then outstretch the palm of your other hand underneath the crabs walking legs. The reason that you outstretch your hand is so the crab has somewhere to rest his legs and so hes not panicking and trying toonto to your dominant hand and pinch you.Keep all of your fingers touching each other. Keeping all of your fingers together will prevent the hermit crab from pinching you with his claws. It will also provide a large flat area where the crab can stand up. In addition your crab will feel safer if there is a solid surface beneath him.Place your hermit crab on your hand and let go of his shell. Once youve got the crab to rest his legs on your hand let him go and allow him to move around on your hand. After being released on your hand your crab should become more relaxed.Feed your crab. Feeding your crab while handling is definitely one way to get your crab used to and comfortable with handling. In fact if you properly hand feed your crab he will actually look forward to and enjoy handling.

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