Prevent Botulism

How to Prevent Botulism
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How to Prevent Botulism Botulism is a serious illness that occurs most often after a person has ingested food containing the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Home canned food and food that has been improperly handled may harbor this deadly bacteria. Botulism can also enter the body through wounds. The best way to prevent botulism is to ensure safe food preparation and seek medical attention for wounds right away. Learn about the different types of botulism. Botulism is rare but when it occurs it is considered a medical emergency. No matter how botulism is contracted it can lead to paralysis and even it can be contracted is the first step to prevention. Here are the different types of botulismKnow which types can be prevented. Unfortunately not all types of botulism can be prevented. Foodborne botulism and botulism that enters an open wound are preventable but infant and intestinal botulism arent. Heres what you need to knowKnow the symptoms of botulism. The symptoms of botulism can appear as early as six hours after consuming tainted food and as late as ten days later. Botulism can be fatal if it isnt treated promptly. If you experience any of the following symptoms and suspect botulism see a doctor immediately. Here are the most common signs of botulismWatch for signs of infant botulism. Most cases of botulism occur in infants so it is very important to monitor your baby for the symptoms. If your baby exhibits any of the following signs of the paralysis that occurs with botulism go to the emergency room immediately

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