Put Together a Makeup Kit

How to Put Together a Makeup Kit
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How to Put Together a Makeup Kit Whether you want to create a makeup kit for yourself or for a new business there is a lot to consider From face to eyes to lips and from choosing the right tools to staying organized you can easily find a way to put together a kit that works for your needs. Invest in a good primer for a proper base. Get a primer that matches your skin tone or get several primers if you are going to be doing makeup for others professionally. Check reviews online and in magazines before choosing a primer.Add good quality concealer and foundation to your kit. Buy foundations and concealers that match your skin tone or have multiple shades available if you want to do makeup professionally. You may have to try several brands until you find one that you like. Have multiple blushes and highlighters available. You can get individual blushes or buy a palette full of different colors depending on your needs. Select colors that go with your skin tone. Matte formulas work well with oily skin while cream formulas are good for dry skin. You can also look for highlighters with a bit of sparkle for evening and special occasion looks.Add a setting powder for finishing your look. Buy either loose powder or a setting spray to help keep your foundation concealer and blush in place all day. Especially if you are doing makeup for others you want to be able to offer a lasting finish.

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