Spot Foot Sores on Guinea Pigs

How to Spot Foot Sores on Guinea Pigs
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How to Spot Foot Sores on Guinea Pigs Foot sores also known as bumblefoot are common in guinea pigs. 1 X Research source The sores are usually caused by bacteria that enters the body through a cut or scrape on the bottom of a guinea pigs foot. Foot sores which requireby a vet can be very painful for a guinea pig and could lead to serious health problems if left untreated. The sooner you can spot your guinea pigs foot sores the sooner it can get treated and get better. Watch your guinea pig walk. In guinea pigs foot sores typically affect the front feet. If your guinea pig has foot sores it will walk with a limp and favor whichever foot does not have sores.Listen to your guinea pig as he walks. Foot sores will be very painful for your guinea pig. If your guinea pig can walk you may hear it squeak from the pain.Coax your guinea pig to walk. Because of the painful foot sores your guinea pig may not want to walk around in its cage. Place some tasty treats in your hand. Lower your hand into its cage and see if it comes to you. If your guinea pig stays where it is itsmay hurt too much to put pressure on them.Monitor your guinea pigs appetite. If your guinea pigs foot sores are bothering him it may stop eating. This could be because it cant physically get to its food anymore or the pain has affected its appetite. With a decreased appetite your guinea pig may start to lose weight.

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