Stop Watchingon Your Computer

How to Stop Watchingon Your Computer
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How to Stop Watchingon Your Computer If you are looking for ways to stop watchingon your computer you may be struggling with aaddiction that is harming your physical and mental health as well as eating up your time. If you want to learn how to enjoy life and stop obsessing over porn read on for some tips in recovering. Admit that you spend too much time watching porn. Before you can stop watchingon your computer you have to be able to admit that this activity is taking up too many of your waking hours and having a negative effect on your emotional and physical well being. Recognize that you can not stop. It may be nearly impossible for the average person to stop watchingright in the middle of a steamy scene but if you wake up in the morning determined not to watchand absolutely can not go a day or even a few hours without watching porn then you may be addicted. Wanting to stop and not being able to stop is a problem.Keep your plan in mind. If you find yourself thinking aboutwhenever you are in class during work or even when you are hanging out with friends and planning when to watch it the situation is serious. Its okay to occasionally think of porn but if you feel like you are always thinking about it when you are not near a computer then you have a problem.Evaluate your relationship. Are your personal relationships suffering as a result of your relationship with porn? If you have trouble in the bedroom because you can only get aroused when you are watching porn or if you would rather be watchingthan hanging out with your latest crush then you have a situation on your hands. Write down all the reasons why you want to quit. Instead of just trying to quit watchingbecause you think it is embarrassing or socially unacceptable you should dig deeper to find the reasons that watchinghas had an adverse effect on your life and think about how stopping your activity can help improve your situation. Here are some great reasons to stop watching porn

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