Upload WAV Files to Facebook

How to Upload WAV Files to Facebook
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How to Upload WAV Files to Facebook WAV files are uncompressed music files. the size of a WAV file will always be more than an MP3 and the quality of the WAV file will be higher than an MP3 file. You can upload and share WAV files to Facebook if you want but its not as simple as uploading photos as you wont be able to upload it directly from the Facebook website. youll need to use either SoundCloud or CloudApp. Log into your Facebook account. Open any web browser on your computer and visit the Facebook home page. Enter your registered email address andin the boxes at the top right side of the page and click Log in to proceed.Visit SoundCloud using a new window or tab. Open a new window or tab in your browser and visit the SoundCloud website.Sign up on SoundCloud with Facebook. Click Create account button at the top right and a pop up will appear. Here click the Sign in with Facebook button at the top. Enter your Facebook login details into the fields and click Log in.Upload the WAV file to SoundCloud. Click the Upload button at the top next to the search field and click Choose a file to upload. A file explorer will open. use it to navigate your folders and click the WAV file you want to share on Facebook. Click Open to upload the file to SoundCloud.Enter the details of your file. Once uploaded you can enter the details of the file. Fill up the Title and Artist name and add Tags for the WAV file before saving.Click the Save button to finalize the upload. It may take a few seconds to upload your file depending on the size of your file. It will be saved in your SoundCloud Account.Share your WAV file on Facebook. Click the WAV file in your account and then the Share button. Select Facebook from the options and a Facebook status box will appear.Add a message optional. Click the Say something about this text field and type in a short message that you want to include with the post.Upload to Facebook. Click on the Post button on the status box and the WAV file will be posted to your Facebook profile.

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