Celebrate Dussehra at Home

How to Celebrate Dussehra at Home
Dress up your children as various characters from the Ramayana and prepare them to perform the famous scenes from the Ramayana. Recite the stories of the legendary king Rama to your children. Tell them that Dussehra is celebrated to honour the victory of the good over the evil.Vidhi of Dusshera PoojaVijayadasami reveres Durga’s and Rama’s victory over evil depending on the region. pandals (stages), plays, community gathering, recitation of scriptures, puja,fasting, immersion of idols or burning of Ravana.There are many places in Uttar Pradesh state of India where Dussehra is celebrated by setting statue of Ravana on fire by Lord Rama. It depicts the victory of good over evil. At cities like Varanasi, Lucknow and Kanpur, Ram Leela is performed on grand level at prime locations of the city.
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